5 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Home

5 Simple Ways To Appreciate Your Home

It's easier to wish for our home to be something different—to dream of perfect marble counter tops, a cozy front porch, or a pristine bathroom just like what we see on design magazines and HGTV. Because of these, we sometimes tend to fall out of love with our home, especially when we start to notice its little imperfections.
But no matter the size and condition of your space, we must feel content for what we have, especially the roof over our heads. Did you know that every 3rd of December, we celebrate what we call the “National Roof Over Your Head Day” as a day to be thankful for what we have, and show appreciation for the places we call home? This time, if you're falling out of love with your space, feel free to work through these five suggestions to gain a deeper appreciation of your house and embrace it for what it is.

1. Add house plants

Make your home greener and more invigorating by adding house plants. They are inexpensive, make such fantastic decorations, and can also make your house happier and healthier. Lots of studies have found out that indoor plants help us reduce stress and anxiety, improve air quality, and facilitate healing. Even if you're not one with a green thumb, you can tend to indoor plants that are low-maintenance and could be impossible to kill. If you have pets around the house, choose pet-friendly varieties such as spider plants and some succulents. Having house plants is a great way to appreciate your home. 

2. Tackle a home project you've always wanted to try

Whether it is giving your front door a fresh coat of paint (Hello, Classic Blue, the Pantone Color of the Year 2020) or simply changing the hardware on your kitchen cabinets, make one upgrade that you've always wanted to recapture the feeling of having something new in your home. There are tons of cheap but great DIY projects you can do to give your humble abode its “newness” factor it might have lost. There’s nothing more satisfying than making a home upgrade which, if done right, could even help in its future resale value. 

3. See your home in a new perspective

Sometimes, if there's not enough room in our budget to complete even a DIY upgrade, all we need is a fresh perspective. Use your space in a new way by trying out a new living room arrangement, rearrange the furniture, or go bolder and swap two rooms entirely. These will give you a new outlook on how you’re using a particular space before. Simply changing your room arrangement may even give you more space to set up the perfect reading nook or a mini creative studio.

4. Let there be light

You may be surprised that simply tweaking the lighting in a room can dramatically change its mood. Lighting is often a neglected part of interior design but it plays an important role in promoting functionality and creating the illusion of space. For starters, reevaluate the lighting in each room and make sure every light in your home serves a purpose to maximize its potential. A new table lamp or an overhead fixture can make an amazing difference in the experience of a room, so don't be afraid to have enough light sources.

5. Consider cleaning as part of your self-care ritual

The moment you get your keys, you should treat yourself and your home as one. This is why you should consider cleaning as part of your self-care as a way to express gratitude for your home and embrace what you have. This way, cleaning will be something you'll enjoy doing. It will help set your mood towards accomplishing other bigger tasks you want to do in your home.
There are many ways we can appreciate the place we call home. Because no matter its size, style, or structure, it will always be our safe haven. At the end of the day, think about and be thankful for the people you share your home with, and the countless memories you've shared or will be sharing under your humble roof over the years.

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